Make Father’s Day A Celebration, Not A Cause for Conflict

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s a good time to remind divorced spouses that it (and Mother’s Day before it) is given special recognition under Texas law. The Texas Family Code’s standard possession order says that, even if it wouldn’t otherwise be a father’s time with his children, he will have possession of his children for the entire Father’s Day weekend. Ditto for Mother’s Day. Father’s Day this year is on June 17, and Mother’s Day was May 13.

Amid the hostility that all too often accompanies divorce, it’s easy for ex-spouses to bring out the worst in each other. Unfortunately, it’s the children who suffer when that happens.

Divorcing-and divorced-couples should do their best to ensure that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are what they’re meant to be: a celebration of the mutual love between children and their parents. Parents can honor these holidays by being wholly supportive of their ex-even if it’s only for that one weekend-and ensuring that the day is indeed a celebration, and not a cause for conflict.