What I learned from crashing my plane

I was going up with two other guys to just fly over the city. When I was just about to rotation speed, we hit a rise in the runway, the landing gear collapsed. I felt the propeller hit, then hit again and again. By the third hit we were skidding on the runway. I pulled off the power and the plane came to rest in the middle of the blacktop. The guy sitting beside me asked if we should get out and I said “Yes. The ride is over. Let’s get out.” I didn’t mention to him that I was worried about the plane exploding. But it didn’t explode. Everyone got out without a scratch.

A few months later, as they were putting the plane back to together, the mechanic noticed some rust where the wing attaches to the fuselage. It apparently wasn’t in a place where technicians check during annual inspections. If that landing gear had not have collapsed, the rust would have gotten worse and the wing might have eventually broken off.

Sometimes God puts us through upsetting events to save our lives. Sometimes He puts us through them to show us just how capable we are of keeping our heads on straight even when things seem catastrophic. Sometimes He puts people in the seat next to us who need understanding and patience. And just for those who need it, always double check that your landing gear is locked down. You never know when you might need those wheels.