Who Is Jeffrey Anderson?

Professional, yet approachable. Confident, yet easygoing. I will tenaciously represent you with honesty, integrity and empathy. I come from a family of legal eagles, so this profession is in my blood…I have a true passion for the law.

My father was a family lawyer before me. I started following him around the Courthouse when I was five, worked in his law office through high school, and served process through college. I grew up on family law and my instincts were honed on complex property, custody and enforcement from the time I was a child.

My father would get a kick out of asking me questions about a property case or how to get custody under certain circumstances, and then take my answers and put them into pleadings. By the time I was licensed, I was ready to take on anybody – any issue.

As my legal career took off, I learned that an effective attorney isn’t just aggressive and he doesn’t blindly follow the bullets as he shoots. An effective attorney is strategic and determined, has a strong sense of integrity, and is guided by values and faith. That’s how I try cases. There are two hundred ways to tell every story, but only one of those is the most persuasive.

I know the family law process and I believe in it. I understand it and I can explain it to you because I have lived it my entire life. No one else will work harder to guide you through one of the toughest times of your life. I’m proud of what I accomplish – the complicated property cases I try, protecting the children, enforcing the Orders.

It’s important for you to unequivocally know that I am committed to protecting you and your children during the battle of divorce, property division and custody disputes with the goal of you leaving here better than when you arrived.

Divorce and custody disputes are often stressful, financially taxing and spiritually draining experiences. I will involve you and put you at ease by explaining the whole process, ensuring you understand and agree with our strategies.

Experience counts. Yes, this is one of the hardest times of your life, but we take action today for a better tomorrow.