Joint Custody

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In Texas it is strongly presumed that it is in the best interest of the child to live in a situation where both parents share in the child’s decision making – the day-to-day decisions that all parents have to make. For instance, the right to make educational, medical or psychological decisions for the child. This situation is known as joint custody, or as it is known legally, joint managing conservatorship. In a case where both parents are completely willing and completely able to care for the child, joint custody would very likely be granted. If you are trying to determine the ideal custody arrangement for you and for your child, joint custody might be in everyone’s best interest. An experienced child custody attorney will help you find the best approach to secure the ideal arrangement for you and your child.

Texas Law Strongly Favors Joint Custody

Texas child custody law clearly articulates that unless the court determines that joint custody would not be in the best interests of the child, then joint custody will be granted.

How Does Joint Custody Actually Work If We Are Not Living Together?

A common concern is the issue of who gets to decide where the child lives if both parents have legal custody. In most circumstances, even when both parents are Joint Managing Conservators, one of them will have the exclusive right to determine the primary residence of the child. The other parent will then have periods of possession during with they will be able to spend time with that child. Notice that this does not include a mandate of how much time the child spends with either parent. The parties can be Joint Managing Conservators and have any form of a possession schedule they or the Court finds to be in the best interest of the child.

An Experienced Texas Child Custody Attorney Can Help

It’s easy to see how this can get messy and complicated. Both parents want what they feel is best for the child and sometimes these desires conflict with one another. Even a completely amicable child custody negotiation can get tricky because there are so many day-to-day specifics that are difficult to account for. It is important for the child’s development that parents put in the time to make their child custody arrangement clear and effective. An experienced and compassionate family law attorney is vital for this process.

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A child custody dispute is inherently stressful. Even if you have a fully amicable relationship with the other parent, inevitably some conflict will arise. Jeff Anderson is a compassionate family law attorney who can help you resolve any child custody issues in a way that is best for you, your family and your child. If you have any questions about joint child custody in Texas, contact experienced Dallas family law attorney Jeff Anderson today. We also have a family law office in Frisco, TX.

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