Pre-Trial Conferences

Do I have To Show Up For A Pre-Trial Conference During My Divorce?

In Texas, before the final trial happens, the Court will usually hold a pre-trial conference. In some Courts, only the attorneys need to appear. In others, the parties are required to be there, too. In fact, in some Courts, if the parties don’t show up, the case can be decided against them on the spot. It’s not common, but it’s happened.

What Is The Purpose of A Pre-Trial Conferences?

The purpose of the pre-trial conference is to let the judge know what the issues are and how long each side needs to try the case. The pre-trial conference is premature if it is held before the parties are ready, or at least almost ready to go to trial. I don’t mean to suggest that all of the trial preparation has been done at this point, but the discovery should have been completed so the work to get ready for trial can start. If the parties have not yet gone to mediation, the Judge will often order the parties to try to settle their case through mediation before the trial date.

This is an important moment in your case. It might be the very first time the Judge has heard anything about your case. It’s important to let the Judge know what the issues are in a persuasive way. As they say, first impressions are important.

It’s important to always know your audience – in this case the Judge. Knowing how he or she feels about the issues, knowing the range of rulings he or she most often makes, and knowing as much about the Judge’s personality can make a tremendous difference in the pre-trial conference and, ultimately, when the day of trial finally comes.

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A divorce can be an expensive and draining experience. The pre-trial conference is one of many complicated aspects of the process, but it can also be part of the solution that drives the process to favorable settlement. Jeffrey Anderson is a compassionate and experienced family law attorney who will put you at ease throughout the entire process. If you have any questions about the pre-trial conference in your divorce, contact experienced Dallas family law attorney Jeffrey Anderson today.

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